Steve Barr is a professional cartoonist who lives in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina and began selling his work to publications even starting in the 7th grade. He’s written 13 books that teach children how to draw cartoons of their own, using basic lines and shapes. He’s spoken to tens of thousands of children during his career, at schools and libraries in a wide variety of areas.

Steve is the founder of Drawn To Help, an organization which brings cartooning and art classes to children in hospitals serving children with cancer and facilities for kids who are struggling with serious life circumstances. His inspiring organization has spread to 7 states with incredible artists and cartoonists volunteering to do the programs in their own areas.

He explained that pediatric patients who have sunk into deep depressions begin to laugh and giggle during their cartooning lessons, and begin to talk to their parents and caretakers about their dreams for their own futures. As Steve put it, “With results like that, how could I possibly not be passionate about this? It is, quite simply, amazing.” Agreed! As a Fox Fellow, Steve hopes to reach out to even more children and teenagers, and help inspire them to do great things for others on their own!

Main content from interview carried out by Youth Development Fellow Nicole Javorsky

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