Nicole Javorsky is from Queens, NY currently going to school in Manhattan pursuing a degree in Investigative Journalism. It was during her freshman year of high school, when she was hospitalized for anorexia and related medical issues that she realized, as she worked on her recovery, how difficult it could be to live in a hospital for extended periods of time for the many people dealing with eating disorders along with other mental health issues.

It was then that she knew she wanted to be a part of the solution so she started a club in her high school to raise awareness for eating disorders, joined a youth advisory council and went to some workshops on social change.  She founded Cubs for Coping which provides handmade teddy bears for hospitals, homeless shelters, and eating disorder treatment programs. This program mobilize volunteers at colleges and high schools to pour their creative juices and love into the creation of these bears.

She hope to be a resource for community change-makers  in New York City as a 2017 Fox Fellow.  She want to provide the encouragement and information that people need to increase motivation. “I think that being a Fox Fellow will expand my network and encourage me to listen to more stories, to break out of my comfort zone while encouraging grantees to do the same. I personally get much enjoyment out of being helpful for other change-makers because I am inspired by their work and happy to be there for these community-minded leaders the way others have been there for me.” Agreed!

Main content from interview carried out by Youth Leadership Fellow Steve Barr

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