Maulidi Hamisi Mwinyikai is from Mtongwe, Mombasa and has professional experience
as a trained Environmental Activist, a renowned art and development practitioner in
community development, health care, and team building. In 2000 Maulidi was trained as
a peer educator, organized by Mtongwe Community Initiative, Family health options
Kenya and Action Aid Kenya. From 2007 to 2013 was trained as a professional actor,
working in a theatre company, During the training he thought about the youth back in
Mombasa and wondered what he could do to change their lives. When he got back
home he mobilized youths and started a community based organization: Kishoka
Youth Organization. The organization is an Art, Development and Environmental
community based organization which does work aimed at Youth Empowerment and
Environmental issues.

Maulidi is dedicated in mobilizing young people and assisting them identify their
potential so as to make the world a better place, to have more influence in society by
participating in positive social change and to help people reuse and reduce plastic
waste in a creative way.  He is excited about the opportunity to assist other grantees
through mentorship and cross-pollination as an East African Leader, and looks forward
to working with passion and integrity to support TPP’s grant making at the grassroots

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