Alicia White is the Founder and President of Project Petals an organization focused on revitalizing and advocating for low-income, under-resourced and minority communities. Before starting Project Petals, she worked with organizations to secure and allocate millions of dollars to worthy causes. Her passion comes from growing up and living in an urban area, and watching the environmental injustice and social justice issues that her family, friends, and community faced. Through her work at Project Petals, she introduces community members to the necessary tools, funding, and connections they need to transform their communities.

Over time that passion turned into action, and in 2013 she became involved in organizing for environmental improvement in Jamaica, Queens where she grew up. She saw many residents, cleaning up a rundown city owned space, in the community she grew up and that prompted her to contact city agencies and teach community members how to advocate.

She was named Discovery Channel ID’s “Everyday Hero” and was a New York City Parks Foundation Fellow.  In addition to, working with the United Nations- Habitat III Civil Society as a stakeholder, that works primarily on urban, economic, environmental, and social justice issues. She also serves as a grant advisor for the Pollination Project on their Domestic Justice Panel.

She is a social entrepreneur, urban strategist, and advisor with a passion for expanding the environmental and economic growth of urban areas. Her organization has launched Project Petals’ Builders Program to help youth re-envision their communities, just as she did from an early age. With a mission to alleviate the socioeconomic divide as well as bring awareness to environmental, urban degradation and justice issues, she helps people advocate for their own communities and in return, they learn how to advocate for themselves. Her hopes and expectations with the Fox Fellowship are to fund projects and organizations that she believes will make an impact, on the lives of youth in Queens, New York area and beyond. In addition to, working with other community leaders and project to transform the future of youth.

Main content from interview carried out by Youth Leadership Fellow Patricia Schappell

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