Kansiime fortunateKansiime Honest Fortunate is the Founder and Executive Director Girls to Lead Africa, she also works as FDC (a major opposition political party), as a regional coordinator western. She studied at Kyambogo University as we as worked under Students work scheme (employed and partially sponsored by the university).

Honest was born in Kanungu district, Uganda – the land of beautiful scenery and gorillas. She is a passionate activist about women and girls’ empowerment; to nurture leaders from where leadership begins – in schools. She also solves Leadership crisis especially in politics. “Stop pampering and jump starting women into leadership with affirmative action but instead equip them to compete fair and square. ” she says Honest teaches girls importance of participating in leadership. He programs includes; Capacity building and leadership training: The 10 principles of transformational women leaders and Self-discovery exercises e.g. the whisper, the writing of strengths etc. (Always done at the beginning of the program)

Campaigns and Electioneering: Winning a High school Campaign message, slogan, campaign team, where is the vote, mock campaigns The Young Innovators Award: Promoting community responsibility, accountability, and stewardship by rewarding Innovation in Leadership. Exchange, exposure and study visits. Inter school debates TPP Fellowship will authorize her to recommend projects for TPP funding within her community which will help her develop her community and, as an individual to spread compassion for all life in my community. The role has some pay attached to it which will boost the project economically. I also expect to improve my skills in the following fields through the trainings offered by the fellowship; Website development & management marketing/ storytelling/ documentation of projects , budget management, financial tracking.

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Honest Kansiime

2015 TPP Grant

Honest Kansiime

2016 TPP Impact Grant

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