Honest Kansiime, 2017 Fellow

Kansiime Honest Fortunate was born in Kanungu district, Uganda – the land of beautiful scenery and gorillas.  She is a passionate activist about women and girls’ empowerment; to nurture leaders from where leadership begins  – in schools.  She also solves Leadership crisis especially in politics.

She is the Founder and current Executive Director of Girls to Lead Africa, she also works as FDC (a major opposition political party), as a regional coordinator for the Western region. She studied at Kyambogo University and worked under a student work scheme (employed and partially sponsored by the university).

Honest teaches girls the importance of participating in leadership. Her programs includes; capacity building and leadership training, campaigns and electioneering, the young innovators award, exchange, exposure, study visits and inter school debates.

The TPP Fellowship will authorize her to recommend projects for TPP funding within her community which will help her develop her community and, as an individual to spread compassion for all life in my community.  She also expect to improve her skills in the following fields through the trainings offered by the fellowship.

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Honest Kansiime

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Honest Kansiime

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