Hannah Testa featured on WALB News 10

14-year-old girl leads plastic pollution statewide efforts, February 2017

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“A 14-year-old girl is leading state efforts to stop plastic pollution.  A Cumming native, Hannah Testa said she first saw how much of a problem plastic pollution is when she watched a Netflix documentary with her mom.  She said plastic doesn’t biodegrade like many other items we use in our everyday lives.  Instead, it photo-degrades, breaking down into small pieces but never disappearing.  She said the small pieces become very toxic and are often eaten by fish, which gets back into our food chain. ”

Read the whole article and watch the video, 14-year-old girl leads plastic pollution statewide efforts, here.

Learn more about Hannah Testa’s project, Plastic Pollution Awareness Day Outreach, here.

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