How Does $1000 Make a Difference?

Our grantees share how their Pollination Project seed grant helped them build and expand their startup projects.

Jean Paul Ambeazieh, Economic Empowerment of Single Mums and Widows Through Sustainable Integrated Farming, Cameroon

A group of men and women stand in a maize field.The grant has increased our level of commitment and responsibility. We have been more committed to our dream thanks to the facilitation of the grant, and we were more responsible ensuring what we had approved was implemented for the benefit of our target population. This grant also improved on our team and communal spirit. I was more able to manage the team of volunteers and the group of women and the community at large throughout the project cycle ensuring cohesion. Through this project, we sowed seeds of hope for economic and sustainable empowerment and gave more hope to the women and the community so that they can now see need in embracing and taking agriculture as business.

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