Kehli Faulkner-BerryHave you ever imagined that you were a millionaire and had lots of money to donate to charities and people in need? Well, Im not a millionaire, not yet at least, but I was given the opportunity to serve as a Flow Funder for The Pollination Project’s Youth Leadership Hub where I was able to give local organizations and individuals who are committed to positively impacting their community a “seed” grant. Theses grants were a thousand dollars and gave grass roots organizations the much needed support to launch and help catapult their business and/or community organization.

As a flow funder I was given the fulfilling task of granting three individuals with a $1,000 grant to support their local projects and to enhance their organizational structure. These individuals are hardworking and are making strides to enhance the quality of life for youth and teens in the Compton and Los Angeles area.

I gained some valuable experiences as a flow funder, one in particular was the opportunity to become more acquainted with local community organizations. Recently I had an epiphany to create the City of Compton Unity Youth Festival Summer 2017. This will be a festival at a park that promotes unity and youth development. We plan on inviting youth organizations, community organizations to come and participate in a fun filled day with exciting activities that highlight youth development and Unity within the community. My planning meeting will take place in which local organizations will come together to meet and develop committees to organize this amazing project.

Because of the Pollination Project my visibility within the community has increased and I am taking on a new found community leadership role where I want to actively cross pollinate with local organizations and create a Compton Youth Hub where we work collaboratively to implement quality and effective youth programming and initiatives for the city of Compton.