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‘Queen of Katwe’ More Than Entertainment for Ugandan Girls, January 2017

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“Recently we took a class trip to see the Disney film “Queen of Katwe.” For many Teen Voices readers this may seem like an ordinary thing, but for us it was remarkable.The day held so many firsts:
* The first trip to Kampala, which is 145 kilometers (90 miles) and is a city compared to the villages where we all live.
The first time going to a cinema.
* The first time using a toilet. All of us use a pit latrine at home and at school. These are essentially holes in the ground so the toilet was a whole new experience.
* The first time eating fried chicken with chips  and sweet popcorn.
* The first time seeing a tea plantation, a sugar plantation, the Mabira forest, Lake Victoria and the Nile river.”

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