MTV_Staying_AliveSouth African Women’s Sexual Health Struggle, July 2016

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“My name is Sinazo Didiza, and I’m from South Africa, a country with an HIV prevalence rate of 19.2%, higher than anywhere else in the world. Women are particularly affected, with more than 4 million South African women living with HIV. In South Africa, young women experience a number of challenges when it comes to accessing sexual reproductive health services. Among those challenges is the lack of youth-friendly services. In most public health facilities, there is a lack of privacy and confidentiality, which makes it difficult for young people to seek sexual and reproductive health (SRH) advice. Most young women have experienced discrimination, shaming, and prejudice when visiting sexual health clinics. One of the contributing factors to this is the attitudes of health service providers, which are often old-fashioned given the age of practitioners, and tend to impose their own values, advocating against pre-marital sex and early sexual experiences. This creates a huge barrier for most sexually active young people to visit sexual health clinics, because of fear of discrimination and prejudice.”

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