Political film Blueberry Soup set to screen in Palmerston North, July 2016

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“Blueberry soup is not just a refreshing Scandinavian dessert, but a highly rated documentary based on Iceland’s political landscape, which will screen in Palmerston North this week. Directed by American filmmaker Eileen Jerrett​, the film shows how the population of Iceland reinvented democracy in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. Massey University New Zealand politics lecturer at Massey University Dr Toby Boraman said the title was adopted because in Scandinavia the anti-oxidant-laden puree is said to cleanse and purify the system.  That’s become a metaphor to describe a ground-breaking constitutional experiment in Iceland that saw citizens crowd-sourcing to rewrite the country’s constitution. The constitutional draft was placed online, while politicians and bankers were excluded from the drafting process.”

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