Padmanaban Gopalan in India’s Hindustan Times

hindusan timesNo Food Waste: When leftovers reach the hungry through a mobile app, July 2016

“As Guna Sekaran and Ashwin Narayan unload the food packets, a small crowd gathers, mostly of children under 12. They seem shy, almost retreating. But as the packets are handed out, a bit of jostling begins and their eyes light up at the sight of what’s inside — four chapatis and a generous portion of mixed vegetable. Wordlessly, they sit on the floor and tuck in.”

“I haven’t eaten anything since morning,” 11-year-old Neha Kaneria says in between mouthfuls as she also feeds her little brother. Their mother, a domestic help, doesn’t have the time to cook for them most days, she lets in.

“It’s the same for most of the children here at this temple basement in Noida Sector 55, where they attend an informal school. Sekaran, 28, and Narayan, 27, are volunteers with No Food Waste, a social start-up working to address urban hunger.”

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