Devi Vaisya featured in Colorlines

‘Peacock Rebellion’ Empowers Queer Comics of Color to Find Their Voices , June 2016

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“For “Peacock Rebellion” co-creator Manish Vaidya, stand-up comedy isn’t just entertainment—it’s a space for healing, empowerment and social change. 
“People are open to so much when they are coming to be entertained,” said the Bay Area-based performer and organizer, who identifies as non-binary and uses the pronoun “they.” “There’s so much radical potential there.”
As they described in a new story from KQED, Vaidya turned to comedy to deal with their struggles as a “scrawny Hindu, queer, closeted, disabled kid in Catholic school in a really White town where one of the main extracurricular activities was the KKK.” They created Peacock Rebellion, a collective of artists and activists that brings queer people of color together for creative events and workshops that build community. One of those workshops, Brouhaha, trains participants in stand-up comedy and offers performance opportunities in popular stand-up showcases.”

Read the whole article, ‘Peacock Rebellion’ Empowers Queer Comics of Color to Find Their Voices here.

Learn more about Devi Vaisya’s project, Brouhaha here.

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