Suzan Joy has lived in Uganda for most of her life and studied development studies at Uganda Christian University. She Co-founded Solidarity Uganda. Together with other team members, CSOs, activists, grass root groups, lawyers, media houses, international allies, and CBOs, they comprise the only group in Uganda facilitating trainings on nonviolent strategy, movement building, and community organizing.

They have addressed issues like land grabbing, human rights abuses, economic exploitation, corruption, and shrinking political space. Their movements and clients engage in a variety of nonviolent tactics and strategies to make and fulfill their demands. Their work has been shared in various platforms, including Waging Nonviolence, Salon, The Ecologist, Huffington Post, and a number of national media houses. Their networks are primarily in East Africa and the United States.

Suzan believes that the generation we create deserves better, and that, in the same way that our forefathers also struggled, it is our responsibility to ensure that this better world exists for them.

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Suzan Wilmot

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Suzan Wilmot

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Suzan Wilmot

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