Hayu Patria, Our Seeds, Our Future

I am very passionate about many things, food culture, eco-farming, feminism, animal rights, nature, foraging, plants, bicycling, cooking, handcrafting, gardening, mountain hiking to name a few, and I am lucky I can do all of those things simultaneously in the work I am doing right now!

My work focuses on the utilization of edible wild plants to overcome hunger and malnutrition in Indonesia. My work includes nutrition analysis of edible wild plants to show people how nutritious these plants are and encourage them to consume these food sources. I also initiate edible wild plant gardening projects for vulnerable group, with a special emphasis on village women, so they have easy access to nutritious and diverse food. On a larger scale I run campaigns for the agroecology movement and am in the process of forming a national network of agroecology along with several colleagues throughout Indonesia.

I believe in interconnectedness, and that our actions – no matter how small  – will have an effect on our surroundings. When we realized that we are all connected, then we don’t feel as a separate entity with the rest of the natural world and the universe.

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