El TecoloteLava Mae founder recognized for her positive impact, May 2016

“Doniece Sandoval, having seen the conditions of people living on the street, founded Lava Mae, an organization that provides buses retrofitted with showers and bathrooms for the homeless. For her efforts, she was one of six to be recognized at Hispanicize’s Positive Impact Awards, the annual gathering of Latino journalists, tech entrepreneurs and digital content creators.”

“One day I passed a young woman on the street, she was crying that she’d never be clean, and I wondered what her chances were of getting clean,” Sandoval said. “I went home that night and researched and found out that there were 16 showers

[for] over 3,500 people living on the streets to use. I just thought that was appalling. This is a first-world country. San Francisco is one of the most affluent cities in the world and we have issues with water and sanitation, which is shocking.”

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