Crisis Response App ‘Concrn’ Recruiting Tenderloin Street Team Volunteers, March 2016

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“For those who live, work and frequent the city’s center, witnessing mental and physical health crises unfold on the street is commonplace. But knowing if or how to respond—call 311? 911? Keep moving and try not to stare?—isn’t always obvious. That’s the need that new smartphone app Concrn hopes to satisfy. With the app, people can report what you’re seeing and where to a civilian response team—”when 911 isn’t the best option,” according to the company’s motto. Once they’re alerted of an issue in the Tenderloin, they’ll send a trained volunteer crisis responder to assess the situation and assist the individual with whatever (nonviolent) issue is going on—whether that’s a physical ailment, mental health or substance abuse problem or help accessing needed services.”

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