Lilian Mayieka, Anti-Female Genital Mutilation Campaign, Monyerero, Kenya

Lilian Mayieka, Anti-Female Genital Mutilation CampaignAt personal level, Lilian Mayieka before TPP initial funding and Lilian Mayieka after TPP first batch of the TPP grant are two different personalities: The former Lilian Mayieka was that battered woman engulfed in self pity with bottled-up emotions-a victim of female genital mutilation- with no ability to change her past; and the latter is a Lilian Mayieka standing on a TPP grand springboard with various choices out of which she has first the first option of a free voice and medium to “think aloud” my biggest mistake for having been born first as a baby girl, then as an adolescent girl who was to be hurriedly be critolized for future chastity to suit male ego, then as a mother to a daughter to bestow to future generation this “backward” cultural baton: then here is a Lilian Mayieka with a full length ‘superhighway’ spread ahead of her to reach all the hurdled masses of womenfolk on a bridge ready to draw a line between the past and future generation with the latter that should be free of Female Genital Mutilation.

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