Dallas InnovatesThe Great Seed Bomb: One Woman’s Idea for Saving the Planet, January 2016

“Pollinators are important. Not just because it’s crucial that we preserve our planet’s biodiversity and undo the environmental harm we’ve caused, but because our food sources need pollinators. There are 90 commercially grown crops that depend on honeybee pollination. Thirty-five percent of global food production relies on various pollinators. Simply put: if bees continue to decline, some foods will become difficult or impossible to come by—including almonds, certain types of berries, and apples. Also, because bees contribute around $15 billion to United States crop production, their disappearance would mean a hit to the economy.”

“Jillian Jordan, founder of the Great Seed Bomb, was tired of hearing scary statistics and sound bites like the ones listed above.”

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