The columbus dispatchArea businessmen help young guys suit up, move forward, January 2016

“The crowd that Brandon Martin addressed last month was larger than expected. Asked by organizers of a conference to talk about his decade as a gang member — a candid discussion of street life and survival — the 23-year-old found himself looking out at more than 100 adults in a Dublin auditorium. “I’m a shy person,” he said recently, tugging at a shirt sleeve that obscured part of a tattoo on his right hand symbolizing his previous loyalty. A stylish gift not only helped Martin to mask his past but also move forward.”

“Sporting a fitted gray suit, his first time in business attire, the East Side native accustomed to a wardrobe of T-shirts and baggy denim felt his nerves give way to unexpected emotions onstage: He felt cool, collected, confident.”

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