charity magazine logoForward Paths: One Day, One Girl, and A Path Forward, November 2015

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“Denise, mother of eight children, two adopted, six biological, was told twice in one day she should be a guardian ad litem, providing a voice for the “voiceless”. As the saying goes, if you hear it once, it can be ignored; hear it twice, take heed. That one day changed Denise’s life forever. The first case Denise was assigned was that of a 13-year old girl in foster care. Denise watched as this girl was placed in nine different homes over the course of the next five years. This was unsettling enough; but, what really took Denise by surprise is when the girl turned 18 she suddenly had no support. She had no job, no driver’s license, no clothes, no mentor, and no champion on her side!”

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