Ayla Schlosser, Resonate, Kigali, Rwanda

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Ayla Schlosser, Resonate, Kigali, Rwanda

Leadership training for Rwandan women.

Tags:  Women’s Leadership & Empowerment, Africa

Ayla SchlosserResonate is a women’s leadership program anchored in Rwanda. Ayla and her team hope to impact the huge gap between Rwandan women’s leadership at the national level (64% of parliament is female) and at the local level (only 8% of local political leaders are female).

Resonate advocates for women to take more control of the decisions that impact their lives, their families and their communities. According to their theory of change, women leading change at all levels of society is the key to a more sustainable, just and peaceful world.

The core Resonate training is based on Marshall Ganz’s successful personal narrative storytelling framework, coupled with professional and leadership development. In the 2 years since they launched, they have partnered with 25 different organizations and trained 800 women. Their goal is to train over 10,000 women by 2018, and they are currently expanding their program offerings and developing a “train the trainer” model to reach this ambitious goal. Their current budget is $60K and with their expansion plans, if funded, the budget will jump to $95K in 2016.


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