Anne Pollack, Crossing Point Arts, New York, NY

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Anne Pollack, Crossing Point Arts, New York, NY

Trauma-informed art classes that provide hope and healing to survivors of human trafficking.

Tags: Art, Human Trafficking, Human Rights

Anne PollackAnne Pollack’s Crossing Point Arts program brings professional multi-media arts classes to NYC-based agencies and drop in centers that work with survivors of human trafficking. In a city where low estimates show that 2,500 youth are actively being trafficked, Anne seeks to provide a medium for healing and resiliency within this population. In the 18 months since the program started, 15 trauma-informed teaching artists have reached 650 girls and women survivors in 85 workshops in 4 different anti-trafficking agencies.

The workshops provide participants with a new way to express themselves. Caseworkers in these agencies have anecdotally reported better outcomes for their clients who participate. Some clients come to drop in centers just to take an art or music class sponsored by Crossing Point Arts.

The demand for this popular program has increased significantly. Several more agencies have requested classes from Crossing Point Arts, but they do not have the budget to accommodate the request. The four anti- trafficking agencies in which Anne and her team work, are asking for more frequent classes which adds stability and reliability to their client’s lives, while allowing the teaching artists to go deeper into a subject matter over time. In 2015, their budget was just under $10,000 and they are looking to double that in 2016, which will effectively double the program’s reach.


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