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Over, Under, Over: Intertwined Experiences in a Transgender Age, August 2015

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“Over, Under, Over is a collaboration between artist Jono Vaughan, hairstylist Moriah Fleeting, the Museum of Fine Arts St. Petersburg, and members of the public. This collaboration is part of a larger body of work titled Project 42 that seeks to honor the lives of 42 transgender woman who were murdered in the United States. Historically hair has played an important and specific role in global cultures with the hair stylist at times wielding significant social power. The spaces in which hair-based activities traditionally occur (the salon, the barber shop, and the home) often become infused with political and cultural conversations.”

Read the whole article, Over, Under, Over: Intertwined Experiences in a Transgender Age here.

Learn more about Jono Vaughan’s project, Project 42, here.

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