herolddemocrat logoAt Pennsylvania jail, an escape for artistic talent,  July 2015

“PHILADELPHIA — On a mission to mix the perfect shade of pastel purple, Michele Catanese opened a can of paint too quickly.The purple liquid spilled on her, dripped onto the concrete floor, and splashed into the hair of a woman seated nearby.But no one flinched. The women laughed, wiped the paint off their jumpsuits, and returned quietly to their paintings.It was a typical Friday inside the Montgomery County Correctional Facility, where, for a few hours each week, a gray cinder-block room comes to life with colorful canvases and paintbrushes.Instructor Maria Maneos began teaching groups of female inmates about drawing and painting in 2013. Dozens of women have painted in her class, and the students also have finished two murals in the jail’s visiting rooms.”

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