Matthew Kaplan on Arizona’s Channel 12 News

12news18-year-old receives $36,000 for combating bullies,

“Matthew Kaplan has always been protective of his younger brother, Josh, a victim of cyberbullying. Little did Matthew know, the vicious texts and social media posts about Josh would lead to not only a brighter future for him, but for thousands of others.

“I wanted somebody to do something about it,” he said, “and I wanted somebody to understand the pain they were causing him. By the time I reached eighth grade, I realized that somebody had to be me.”

“Matthew decided to be bold and courageous in an innovative way. He started his own organization: The Be “Open to New Experiences” (Be ONE) Project, a peer-to-peer program that helps bullies understand the pain they are causing. The project works to stop middle school bullying before it becomes a habit.”

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