Marla Knight Dutille, Try Anything Rhino Project, Kentucky

Marla Knight Dutille, Try Anything Rhino Project, KentuckyBack in March I submitted a grant to you for my Try Anything Rhino Project.  I learned last week that I wasn’t selected to receive the grant.  I’m writing to tell you that you made the right decision!  I actually don’t need the grant! Since I made the submission to TPP, a lot of wonderful things have happened.  I genuinely thought I would need the grant funds to get the project off the ground, but it hasn’t been the case…. When I first thought of creating this project, I did so thinking I had a good shot at a grant from the Pollination Project.  With that belief in the front of my mind, I got to work.  So in a weird way, the Pollination Project helped me get started. Thank you for helping people to dream.

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