Anthony Jerome Artis in Michigan’s My City Magazine

mycityThe Art of the Artises Sharing their passion, February 2015

“Anthony Artis and his wife Davida have been assembling an art collection since 2009. The Anthony J. and Davida J. Artis Collection of African American Fine Art, which is currently on display at the Flint Public Library, is the result of a series of encounters with art that sparked a fire within the collectors.”

Anthony wasn’t always so appreciative of fine art. While working at the Ruth Mott Foundation, he was introduced to the Mott-Warsch Collection of African American art. One day, while looking at the work of Jacob Lawrence, a prominent African-American artist, he made a flippant comment to the exhibition’s curator, Camille Ann Brewer: “My son can draw better than that.” Camille told Anthony to do a little research on the artist and the painting in question and to come back to talk more about it afterward.”

Read the whole article, The Art of the Artises Sharing their passion.

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