#GiveHappy: You Make it Easy

It is Thanksgiving week in the United States, and we have a lot to be grateful for. The history of traditional philanthropy doesn’t provide The Pollination Project with a road map for giving a $1,000 grant every day, yet here we are two years and nearly 800 grants later, profoundly thankful for the ever-growing network of generosity and gratitude that has made our work possible.

This week we just launched our first year-end fundraising campaign, #givehappy, as a way to share the true joy and satisfaction that comes with giving, even small amounts, with more people.  As we reflect on the past two years,  we would like to share our gratitude for the many, many people who make The Pollination Project possible every day.

Three #givehappy faces from the Pollination team: Julie, James, and Alissa.

Three #givehappy faces from our  team: Julie, James & Alissa 

We are grateful for our grant applicants, nearly three thousand so far.  These are people who have a dream and a commitment to a better world.  Whether we funded them or not, we are grateful that they have the courage and conviction to write down their social change idea and share it with us.

We are grateful for our grant advisors, over forty people who are at the heart of our grantmaking process.  They review applications and share the ideas, love, suggestions, and wisdom that allow us to make funding decisions.  Many of these advisors are also grantees!

We are grateful for our grantees. It is truly remarkable that, since we started, we have connected with nearly eight hundred people who have the vision and leadership to make a meaningful difference with just $1000.

We are grateful for our daily givers, a team of over 40 people who give one dollar (or more) every day to our grantees.  The value of their gifts is so much more than the money itself.  The support and encouragement that they give to our grantees brings exponential value to every dollar.

We are grateful to everyone who has provided our grantees with additional support and recognition.  Groups like the Open Society Foundation and Google.org have discovered Pollination Project grantees and amplified their work with additional funds.  Media organizations like Time Magazine, CNN, and Upworthy help our grantees share their stories with wide audiences.  Each of our $1,000 grants is a seed, and we are so grateful that so many land on fertile ground and continue to grow.

We are grateful for everyone who has been part of our network since our founding two years ago.  You have referred wonderful grant applicants to us, you have shared our message on social media, and you have encouraged us over and over again.

The Pollination Project is a reflection of every single person who has been part of it.  We are so grateful for you.

Thank you for making it easy to #givehappy every day.


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