Melissa Hargett on Local Huntsville, AL News Channel 48

Melissa Hargett, 48 WAFFThrift store’s ‘give back’ program lends a hand to those in need featured in Huntsville Local News Channel 48 WAFF, November 19th 2014.

“Melissa Hargett is doing more than just giving back to her community – she’s helping to empower people to make better life decisions one day at a time. From the outside looking in, it’s just a thrift store, but the heart of Hargett’s Florence store is what sets it apart from others.”

“We have a tag line, ‘One person at a time over the poverty line,'” Hargett said. “If we can get just one person over that impoverishment line, then I feel like we’ve really done something.”

Read the whole article, Thrift store’s ‘give back’ program lends a hand to those in need.

Learn more about Melissa Hargett here.

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