Truth Muller in Scholastic Magazine

Scholastic Magazine Truth Muller

Inspired Like You Truth

in Scholastic Magazine Choices October 2014.

“When I was little, I’d see tons of bats flying around streetlights at night in my neighborhood in upstate New York. But I’ll never forget the first time I saw a bat up close. I was 4 years old, and my dad was taking down our backyard sun umbrella. When he dropped it on the porch, it squeaked. All of a sudden, a cute little brown bat crawled out from inside the umbrella. I was mesmerized.

By the time I turned 7, though, I noticed something strange: All the bats in my neighborhood had disappeared, and I wondered why.    Read the article: Inspired like you Truth.

Learn more about Truth Muller’s project, Buddies for Bats, here.

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