photo[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=On my last site visit I was asked to join the community leaders in a meal. Upon finishing the meal, the woman of the house, and a community leader asked us to go outside and take a picture in front of her home. For the picture she grabbed a mango and offered it to me, as if giving it. I tried to grab it and then she took it away and offered it again. At the moment I was perplexed and on her last attempt I finally took a bite, and a few people snickered.  She took the mango and thanked me for the picture.

After it was all over with I realized she was just gesturing as if she was giving me a mango and I was supposed to act like I was receiving it. It was a photo opp which I turned into meal. I got in the car embarrassed and yelled at my Ugandan friend “why didn’t you tell me what the heck was going on?” He would have responded but he was laughing too hard to answer.

So.. This is the image the community will print and hang in their community center. The day The Pollination Project came to town.