From the Dallas Morning News, April 2, 2014
A year ago, high school student Michael Meng started the nonprofit Paint the World to spread the love of art to underprivileged children in the Dallas region.

Challenged by a lack of funds, Meng turned to the Pollination Project, a nonprofit that gives away $1,000 a day to support grass-roots philanthropic causes. The seed money, Meng said, was crucial to Paint the World, which now has four high school chapters around Dallas.

“Paint the World is one of the many seeds that the Pollination Project has planted and that has really bloomed,” said Meng, now a senior at the Greenhill School in Addison. “More than the substance of the grant, it’s about what the grant meant in terms of putting us out there and giving us an opportunity to be more than a motley crew of high school students.”

Founded by Dallas entrepreneur Ariel Nessel, the Pollination Project began as an experiment to award a $1,000 grant daily for 365 days in 2013.

Nessel wanted to give directly to people who were doing good instead of donating his money to large charitable organizations. Nessel used his own money to fund $365,000 in grants last year.

The Pollination Project’s mission continues today with a majority of the grant money still coming from Nessel. To date, the nonprofit has supported more than 450 grant recipients.
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