We couldn’t be more proud of grantee, friend and grant advisor, Chloe Falkenheim and her work with Veg Youth.  Here’s Chloe’s recent article at Our Hen House!

Our Hen HouseThis incredible 16-year old superstar, Chloe Falkenheim, is making hay and inspiring us to amp up our animal activism. Anyone who is young, has ever been young, or knows someone who is, could stand to read this.

Schooltivism: A 16-Year-Old Activist Describes How She is Changing the World for Animals Through a Worldwide Web of Passionate Students.

Imagine if every non-vegan citizen was exposed to a positive vegan message every single day; was given an opportunity to try vegan food every single month; had access to delicious vegan options whenever they dined out; and was surrounded by a friendly community which provided them all the support they need to change their lifestyle.

Perhaps this isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds. Student groups worldwide are making this fantasy a reality in schools across the world.

I Was Scared

When I became vegan three years ago, I was scared. Like most thirteen-year olds, I cared desperately about fitting in. I was the only vegan I knew, and I kept my veganism hidden for almost a full year for fear of looking weird.

Slowly but surely, as I read widely about veganism, I became fully aware of the devastating truth behind animal products – and I wanted to do something to stop the cruelty and environmental destruction. I decided to no longer hide. My role models became the amazing activists who were teaching people everywhere to be vegan. Still, I was at a loss as to what I could do. After all, I was in school all day, and I had no experience or expertise.

Then it struck me that I was surrounded by teenagers – the very open-minded, rebellious demographic that my role model activists wanted to target. And at school, I was in the ideal place to reach them! I took a deep breath, and started planning my animal rights club…

By Chloe Falkenheim
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