Denise Burry featured in Orlando Sentinel

orlando sentinel logoNew foundation needs your help to put foster kids on the right path, October 2013

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Some see the hole. Others are swallowed by it. Denise Burry has seen it for years, and in her own small way she has tried to steer teens around it. Now she’s reaching out to help in a more meaningful way. The hole is a yawning gap in the road that a teenager in foster care must travel to successful adulthood. Consider that a 17-year-old in foster care usually doesn’t have a driver’s license, a job, a high-school diploma or much in the way of clothes. Most of these kids inching toward the magic age of 18 are the leftovers of foster care. The darling little ones have been adopted, but the troublesome teens who dye their hair wild colors, paint their nails black and live under their earphones are passed over. Don’t think they don’t feel it. They feel it keenly.”

Read the whole article, New foundation needs your help to put foster kids on the right path here.

Learn more about Denise Burry’s project, Forward Paths Foundation, Inc, here.

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