Stephanie Klempner

stephStephanie is the Vice President of a literacy curriculum company and children’s book distributor.  She is passionate about empowering youth to be readers and writers, while also empowering them to change the world.  She is Co-Founder of the Pollination Project and has been part of our grantmaking and strategy team since the beginning.

Stephanie has always had a great love for animals, participating as a foster parent for stray dogs and volunteering with various programs aimed to help the welfare of pets.  After connecting her love for animals with her food choices, she began to open her heart to both suffering and compassion in the world and connecting the choices we make in life to a more blessed and blissed life.  She realized the power that one person truly has to impact the world, and thus teamed up with Ari (her brother-in-law) to create The Pollination Project. Stephanie lives in NYC with her partner Josh and their son Odin and spends her time enjoying the city she loves, as well as traveling the country to be with her family and dear friends.

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