Jeff Kirschner on Yahoo News

yahoo-news-imageA Hashtag that Isn’t Disposable Garbage

The idea is to photograph a piece of litter, post your image to Instagram with the hashtag #litterati — and then, of course, dispose of that garbage properly. This strikes me as a cunning subversion of certain Instagrammers’ notorious penchant for documenting the mundane: If it’s a good idea to share an image of your brunch, why not share an image of street detritus? The implication that you’ve just done a good deed by ridding the public sphere of Instagrammed trash adds to the appeal; and the fact is, trash can be actually a more interesting photo subject than eggs benedict. As of today, the number of #Litterati photos totals 10,647 — a lot of garbage!

Read more about Jeff Kirschner’s Project, Litterati.

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