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OutTmob is a platform for people to be heard: so they don’t feel powerless, but rather engaged and connected, creating solutions together.  It will become a youth news website, content aggregator, and blog for youth ages 10-21 (think: a social change oriented Huffington Post for young people).  It will allow youth to teach one another, encourage them to participate in local, state and national conversations, incentivize youth to communicate across cultural divides and develop professional skills that will support their success later in life.  The very act of being involved in something larger than their every day lives has proven to boost a young person’s morale and self esteem, and reminds them that they are more than just one more ‘kid’. They are a voice with powerful opinions and the potential to shift their environments in a more positive and engaging way.


OutTmob will serve as a platform for peer-to-peer feedback and encourage a youth voice in local, state and national conversations. Youth need a way to be heard, recognized and grow.  OUtTmob not only serves as a platform for people to blog, but it’s a tool that will allow so hundreds of youth to express their creative and intellectual talents in a way that is meaningful to their generation.  It allows others, outside of their immediate peers, to observe what youth voices are saying.

OutTmob will work hand in hand with schools on a grassroots level, by collaborating with already-existing journalism classes and student journalist to promote and add to an already existing body of work. As youth journalists contribute their ideas and writings to the e-publication, they will also be challenged to develop and unfold through the myriad of resources that OutTmob is hoping to offer. Opportunities could range anywhere from close affiliations to established media companies to partnerships with universities, organizations and other profit and non-profit groups that are interested in teaming up and catapulting these opportunities to the next level.

There are already publications of this kind. LA youth has a circulation base of 70,000 and a readership of 400,000. In Boston a similar publication has a circulation of 30,000. These types of examples are everywhere, but they are hyper-localized and fail to grab the attention of the millions of youth who do not have such programs at their fingertips.  Make this web based, content driven site will not only promote all of the ideas spoken about but  it will be open for anyone one from the ages of 10-21 to participate, regardless of geographical location, and that in itself is powerful.

Also noteworthy is that Brandon, in just one month took the idea to a full fledged campaign, enlisting key youth and leaders and education writers to back the project.  He shares his project video here. 

Brandon needs $1,000 to do sufficient website development and enhancements in order to go into his beta test.  The current website was designed by a volunteer and needs upgrading in order to bring OutTmob to its next level.

user_166859ABOUT THE GRANTEE:  

Growing up, Brandon was bussed to a school that had a strong divide between white affluent students and poor, black students.  Regardless of his drive to learn and be a good student, he always felt he was missing a place to speak his mind, be heard, be creative and make a difference. As a young person, like so many youth, this feeling of invisibility resulted in what other people often consider ‘bad conduct’. He faced outright discrimination and injustice in his school, yet never felt like he could do anything about it.   Later, Brandon then earned degrees in computer graphics and film, and used these mediums as outlets for his self-expression. He became a teacher and actively gave students a voice to share their voice and perspective and connect with one another which he sees as transformative in a student’s experience.  Brandon is a third year law student and works full time while also launching Out of the Mouths of Babes.

TO ADOPT THIS PROJECT:  Email or use the link below to donate in the amount of $1,000 and note during the payment process that your gift is for Brandon Greene’s project.


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