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The Outer Island Education Project introduces computer education to a neglected body of elementary school students residing on an outer island of Micronesia (A US Territory).  Once children leave the atoll for the main island, they are often ill prepared for post-elementary education.  We selected this project because of its potential to empower generations of children who otherwise would be left behind without any technical or computer based research skills. In a world where technology is an integral and necessary part of communicating and advancing in the world, Apurou seeks to bring new opportunities to the children of Pakin.  Also noteworthy:  the project will include student photography so that children may create a visual record of their childhood using technology not previously available to them.

Pakin is approximately 30 miles across open ocean from the main island of Pohnpei.  It is very much neglected by the state’s education system though the students and the community are eager to learn new life skills that can facilitate their ability to transition into a workforce that’s requires more technological knowledge than what the small island can currently provide. Since these students live under a territory of the United States, they have a unique identity as foreigners who are entitled to a US passport and are familiar with US culture.

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This project will introduce computer education to the students of Pakin Elementary School  no later than August 2013. The money will be used to purchase five laptop computers, sufficient for every 2 students within the 6-8th grades with lesson plans developed by Apurou and a counterpart on the island.  Lessons will focus on Word, Excel, and research skills with Encarta. This project is being executed as a program project; it is not a simple giving of equipment. It is cooperation with the community partners toward enhancing student achievement and building off of previous work. The school’s solar grid that was previously installed can power the laptops and also charge the battery for the digital camera, reducing future costs and ensuring that this project can be sustained.

This project will have a lasting impact on the students which it serves. Not only will classroom instruction be improved through software such as Encarta, but students will gain practical computer skills essential for furthering their education both in high school and potentially coming to the United States or integrating into the workforce. By adding the digital camera, whose model was chosen for its durability and favorable traits given a rural Pacific Island environment, students can also explore art through photography as well as creating a visual record of their childhood through their own work.

WHAT $1,000 WILL DO?

  • Provide five laptop computers equipped with MS Office Suite and Encarta Research materials.
  • Purchase a waterproof digital camera that can be used for student digital photography projects.
  • Purchase sufficient digital storage for student photos.
  • Give a small team in Pakin the necessary tools to bring computer education to its 6-8th graders.


Apurou “Ap” Johnson is currently a post baccalaureate, pre-med student at Rockhurst University in Kansas City.  He is an Eagle Scout, Outward Bound Alumni, AmeriCorps alum and for three years, was a peace corps volunteer on a small atoll of Mirconesia called Pakin (outside the main state island of Pohnpei).  He lived with a host family, learned the local language, taught three different grade school levels full-time while executing a number of community improvement projects such as building a basketball court, creating a student-driven photography publication and installing water tanks for rain catchment.  Ap writes, “It was the most meaningful experience of my life, and it was because of that experience that I chose to enter the pre-med program I am currently in so that I may return to Pohnpei as a physician in family medicine to further serve those who are in need. I am starting this project so that my students may be better prepared for education, and thus pursuing their chosen dreams, after they leave Pakin Elementary School.”

TO ADOPT THIS PROJECT:  Email or use the link below to donate in the amount of $1,000 and note during the payment process that your gift is for Apurou Johnson’s project.


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