FUNDED! Adopt a Project: Jean Jershonn Dennesca, Croix des Bouquets School, Haiti



School in Haiti is not free. In a country where the average wage is $3 a day, school costs start at $50 a month. So when the small community of Croix des Bouquets (1 hour from Port-au-Prince) bands together to create a school for their 200+ children, something extraordinary is happening.  While the school wants to take on more children, they currently do not have enough furniture to offer space for every child.  Most kids bring their own chairs to share and use their thighs as tables. A $1,000 grant buys the materials necessary for several skilled, volunteer carpenters to create enough tables, desks and chairs for the school to continue to hold sessions and expand their program.


An hour away from the capital of Port-au Prince, lies a community called Croix de Bouquet. In the middle of a field, by the church, next to a large tree is an empty building where 200 children and 4 teachers congregate every day to teach and learn. Unlike most schools in Haiti, this school is free and unlike most schools in Haiti, this school has no furniture.  The children and teachers walk miles carrying buckets, chairs and anything else they can sit on or use as a table. Often times, going to the church next door and to borrow their pews.


This school was created by the community and for the community. The teachers do not charge, the students all wear humble uniforms, which their mother has sewn, or the neighbor has helped repair.  And every day, women come together to feed the children at this school making sure they get at least one meal that day. The school would like to expand, but it’s impossible without the proper furniture. In addition, it’s hard to separate classrooms when most children are sitting 3 to a seat. There is not enough furniture for each child to be in his own grade and no bookcases to store the few books they have managed to collect. The teachers do not have a desk or place to hold materials. So every day, day after day, an entire classroom is created with stuff from around the community, and every afternoon the furniture and supplies are returned to where they came from.


WHAT $1,000 WILL DO:
  • Support a community-run, community-created school.
  • Provide the the materials for the furniture to be built.
  • Allow for the expansion of this school, to bring in more children who can not afford to get an education in Haiti.
  • Facilitate the teacher’s ability to separate classrooms so students are able to learn in smaller groups.

Jean is a Croix des Bouquets native and the applicant for this grant. He is a young student who works at Afya Foundation’s rehabilitation workshop located in the same community as the school. Afya’s rehabilitation workshop builds furniture and materials for severely handicapped and disabled people throughout Port-au Prince and the outlying areas. Jean is one of their skilled builders and has taken great pride in his work. He is ready to take ownership of the development in his own community. Jean saw the need for furniture at this local school and approached the Afya Foundation for help. They quickly referred him to The Pollination Project and agreed, that if the materials were funded, they would support Jean by lending him the workshop to use the tools, space and time necessary to build the furniture for this small school.

Hopefully, adopting this project is the first step of many that will create a long-lasting successful source of free education for those who can not afford to go to school in this community.

TO ADOPT THIS PROJECT:  Email or use the link below to donate in the amount of $1,000 and note during the payment process that your gift is for Jean Jershonn Dennesca’s project.


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