Gerardo Omar Marín Rising from the Chihuahua deserts of the El Paso, TX, border, Gera is a generator of connection, love, and motivation whose being is rooted in traditional Mexican healing art, agriculture, and music. For ten years based in Oakland, CA, he has dedicated his service to boost the power and inter-cultural unity in youth, social justice, and Mother Earth rights networks across Abya Yala (Guna name for “the Americas”). Through a popular education approach, he facilitates interactive learning, play, and exploration that inspires people’s inherent creative wisdom. Gera mentors youth, community organizers, and educators in indigenous mindfulness practices, ritual, and inner-resilience practices to recharge their souls and bodies. He has served and organized in a variety of spaces from schools, in the outdoors, churches, youth detention centers, prison, homes, and in the streets. Gera is in his element when he gets to facilitate Power Up Circles that include physical training, dance, stress-relief breathing techniques, and relaxing meditation. He carries a music altar, often with extra percussion and indigenous wind instruments for community to cultivate rhythm and joy with. Gera is also a trainer and (Ollín-Teotl) movement building mentor for Rooted in Community National Youth Food Sovereignty and Justice Network that for 18 years has offered programs that activate transformative youth leadership for building a just, sustainable, and nourishing food system for all.