Jamila Banks, Grantmaking

Jamila Banks is a Motivator, Mentor, and Entrepreneur with a diverse background in arenas such as social services, mental health, environmental advocacy, and education. She is Founder and Executive Director of Foster & Banks Walk in Faith Foundation, an environmentally friendly, social services 501(c)(3) organization located in Los Angeles, CA.

Jamila stepped into the workforce at the age of 12 as a Care Worker for the State of California and has held numerous positions in Education as a Tutor and Substitute Teacher, and as a Counselor/Case Manager/Advocate for children and adults with special needs. Additionally, Jamila completed an internship with Bay Area Addiction, Research and Treatment (BAART) as a trainee counseling adults diagnosed with substance abuse/dependency as well as with co-occurring mental illnesses. She currently interns in several group homes as a M.F.T. Therapist, working to empower and encourage “at risk” males. Jamila has also been a personal mentor and motivator to youth and young adults around the community encouraging them to be their best, authentic, selves.

She hold a B.A.degree in in Political Science from the University of Southern California(2004), and graduated from the Marriage and Family Therapy Graduate Program with her M.S., M.F.T. from the University of LaVerne(2011). Concurrently, Jamila has attended numerous workshops and seminars to promote her knowledge and advancement namely trainings on Mental Illness and Autism Spectrum Disorders in School Aged Children, and Workshops on the Stages of Change, and Conflict Resolution. She is also a student member of the American Psychotherapy Association, and an Alumni of the U.S.C. Passing the Mantle Program (2010). After deciding to pursue her dreams of making a tangible impact in her community, in 2012, Jamila founded, and began operating Foster & Banks Walk in Faith Foundation with her Co-Founder and mother Ar’Lisa Foster, Husband La-Ty Banks, Daughter Kirsten Chavis, and Brother Jobari Coleman-Wilson. Jamila is a Grantee of The Pollination Project, Leads the Youth Leadership Hub, has been a Grant Advisor, and works on many special projects. Jamila is also married to Grantee La-Ty Banks, and the mother of 3 young children, Grantee Kirsten, Ar’Destiny and Nyaire.