Nicole Huguenin, Pollinator

Nicole HugueninA former high school teacher turned generosity entrepreneur. After a chance encounter with a 72-year-old women a few years back, I founded Dream Together, a community of every day people supporting and investing in each other’s wildest dreams. We do this with a pay-it-forward mentality, as all people dream and we’d like that to stay priceless. Additionally, I am a Member-Owner of Walk2Connect Coop after personally experiencing the power of connection while walking with a new person every day in 2015. I support our organic growth and the systems that allow for people to experience [email protected]

So simply put, I dream and walk a lot and with many people, all with an eye for experimenting in ways that will allow us to amplify good instead of divide it. My personal motto is “Sing you song, dance your dance, tell your story”.

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