Adam Rubin

TPP Grant Recipient

Adam Rubin

Adam Rubin is the Executive Director of RENEW, an organization he co-founded with Uswege Mwakapango in Tanzania in 2013 as a way to empower youth to create their own local solutions to local problems by encouraging creativity and participatory learning. RENEW provides powerful leadership training to underserved students to inspire, empower, and enable them to develop and transform their communities. The RENEW leadership program is a workshop that focuses on providing underserved youth with essential life skills and opportunities for leadership and service within their communities by allowing them to identify problems and create their own initiatives.

RENEW received a Pollination Project grant in 2014, has reached over 700 students at 4 different schools in Tanzania and is now bringing the leadership program to Arizona.

Adam is currently completing the Master of Nonprofit Studies (MNpS) degree at Arizona State University, and has a BA in Political Science from the University of Arizona.