Abdul Kinyenya

TPP Grant Recipient

abdul kinyenya

Abdul Kinyenya is the Founder of Batalo East, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to developing well-rounded young people through traditional and urban dance education, festivals, workshops, outreach, theatre and social entrepreneurship. Batalo East received a Pollination Project grant in 2014.

He is an educator, choreographer and entrepreneur with a passion for catalyzing social development through the creative arts and business partnerships. Abdul holds a degree in International Business, focusing on social business, with experience in managing non-profits concentrating on areas of social development.

He has been a WIEF Young Leaders Network Fellow, a Hip Hop dance Ambassador with the U.S. State Department, is a resident artist at Uganda’s National Cultural Centre and is the Artistic Director of Uganda’s best-know hip hop dance group, Tabu Flo, who won the young achievers award in 2011. Abdul is also an accomplished facilitator in workshops and dialogues on dance movements and advocacy for the arts in East Africa.

He has developed concepts for up cycling, including the “Urban Market”, an offshoot of Batalo East, which markets recycled/redesigned clothing to support sustainable programming.

His choreographed works have focused on addressing social issues, including: ‘ill-legitimate” about child labor, The Speech (freedom of expression with tabu flo), food security in karamoja, sustainable construction of safe green houses and water protection among others in northeastern Uganda.