TPP Grant Recipient

Carrie LeBlanc

Carrie LeBlanc is the co-executive director of CompassionWorks International, a nonprofit focused on building effective community-based activism for animals primarily focused on eradicating the use of animals in entertainment. In addition to that work, she is a consultant specializing in nonprofit management and fundraising issues, and has worked alongside over a dozen nonprofit organizations, including Mercy For Animals, Compassion Over Killing, FARM, and Darwin Animal Doctors.
An animal activist from a young age, Carrie became vegetarian shortly after graduating from high school, and went vegan twenty years later after learning of the tragic plight of male chicks hatched into the egg industry. A year after becoming vegan, Carrie founded Go Vegan USA, a project focused on community-based activism, and ran the founding chapter in Santa Barbara, California.
Carrie holds a bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology and a master’s degree in art history both from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and is a published art historian. After leaving academia behind, Carrie dedicated her life to the greater good and co-founded the Animal Rescue Fund of Santa Barbara, has been a board member on her local chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, regularly gives talks at the Animal Rights National Conference, and has published several articles related to veganism, nonprofits, and fundraising. What is most important to her now, in addition to her family, her best friend, her rescue dogs, and dark chocolate, is helping to create a world in which the experience of having compassion for all beings is at the heart of every action.