Stephanie Klempner

Stephanie KlempnerStephanie co-founded The Pollination Project with her brother-in law Ariel Nessel.  Stephanie has a great love for animals and has expressed it by participating as a foster parent for stray dogs and volunteering with various programs that  help the welfare of animal companions. Stephanie spent several years working with The Pet Help Partners Program, a project through the Humane Society, where she supported low income individuals with advice, training, temporary housing, food, and other necessities so they could keep their animal companions when experiencing  difficult situations such as  homelessness, loss of job, illness, etc.

Through her work, Stephanie began connecting her love for animals with food choices, and it opened her heart to suffering and compassion in the world.  She became vegetarian and continued to connect our daily choices and the way it affects our life, our planet, our happiness and peace of mind.  Stephanie’s dedication to spreading compassion is reflected in her dedication  to her career as Vice President of a literacy curriculum company and children’s book distributor, where she  strives to empower youth to become readers and writers, while empowering them to change the world around them.

Stephanie’s path has continued to unfold  into the realization that  one person truly has the power to impact the world, and was inspired to team up with Ari  to create The Pollination Project. Stephanie lives in NYC with her dog Miles, and spends her time enjoying the city, as well as traveling the country to be with her family and dear friends.