TPP Grant Recipient

Tulibagenyi Daniel

Tulibagenyi Daniel is an innovative social entrepreneur with passion for social justice in the world. He works with Solidarity Uganda to bring about genuine social change in his country.

In 2005, while a student at Uganda Christian University, he founded Mission For Civic Awareness and Health (MICAH) a student led initiative which later became the only prime outreach program for the University. MICAH fronts upcoming young professionals as change makers in their own country in areas of Health promotion, Environment, Human rights and Governance.

He has co-founded other organizations such as Inter party Youth Platform (IYOP), a non partisan organization that brings together political youth leagues to champion democratization in Uganda, Son Shines Hope International, and the newly created social movement in Uganda called New Uganda.

He is a father of Edith Asher Tulibagenyi and a foster parent of John Tulibagenyi and William Lukakamwa. He believes that wisdom is to admit failure and the courage to start again with grace and patience. He won a prestigious East Africa leadership fellowship with Acumen Capital Venture Fund 2015.