Thank you for your interest in a Pollination Project grant or Pay it forward loan!

Before you fill out an application, we require all applicants to first complete a questionnaire to ensure your project fits our basic guidelines.

Please carefully read our Funding Guidelines and our FAQs before you fill out this questionnaire. We do not consider projects that do not fit our guidelines.

To ensure we can accurately track your application in our system, please use the same contact email every time you are asked to submit an email address. THANKS!

The Pollination Project Pre-Screen Questionnaire


Does your project involve or support farming, eating, or harming animals in any way?

Does your budget include paying yourself or any other grantee for time spent doing the project?

Are you applying on behalf of an established non-profit or for profit organization that has paid staff?

If this project is a media/curriculum project (such as a book, video, workshop curriculum, music or app), do you have a distribution strategy? (Please answer N/A if this is NOT a media project.)

Is your grant request for ongoing operational expenses of an organization?

Does this project benefit more than just you, your family, or a small group of under 30 people?

Does this project promote an environmentally sustainable, socially just and/or spiritually fulfilling human presence on the planet?

Do you and your project support equal treatment, inclusion and respect for all people regardless of their age, race, class, ethnicity, gender, national origin,sexual orientation, and religion? 



Fill in your information below and click 'Continue' so we may process your results.