Olubusola Ajayi, Public Art Project

Olubusola Ajayi

Olubusola is a filmmaker, advocate of youth and women, and media educator who works at Parsons the New School for Design.  She has worked on several projects in Western and Eastern Africa focused on telling positive stories about Africa, with an emphasis on women and youth. She launched the UR4Africa Project in 2007 with the goal of creating youth initiatives, stories, and images of Nigerians engaging their communities in new and innovative ways.

Now she and her team are launching the Public Art Project which empowers local Nigerian artists to harness the power of art to enrich the lives, esteem, and community engagement of Nigerian youth. In addition to art education, the Public Art Project is a series of workshops facilitated by local artists and community partners using art, design and media to encourage Nigeria’s youth to make a social impact in their local communities.

Presently there are no known programs in Nigeria that focuses on creating a space for young people from different social classes to collaborate and share their thoughts concerning their future and the future of their communities. The Public Art Project aims to give young people a space to express themselves and impact their communities by creating and participating in the development of community-based projects.  They will start with programs in two schools in Lagos.  Pollination Project funds will be used for the pilot program.